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June 20, 2011 – 8:09 pm

Universal search (local, shopping, images, video, etc.)

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Search intent

Brands outranking you

Optimized Listing

  • Meta Description – In an eye tracking study, performed by a team including, among others, Google’s Laura Granka, (published in a book called Passive Eye Tracking, in a chapter Eye Monitoring in Online Search) it was found that the snippet captured the most attention of the searchers (43% of eye fixations), followed by the Title and the URL (30% and 21% of fixations respectively). The remaining 5% distributed over the other elements of the listing, such as Cached Page link. This finding shows the importance of controlling the content and appearance of your snippet for your main targeted keywords, as an eye-catching snippet can tip the scales of CTR in your favour and increase the number of clicks you get, relatively to your site’s ranking.

  • Rich Snippets – the above figure of 43% of attention dedicated to the snipped probably becomes even higher when we talk about rich snippets. Google and other search engines have been investing a lot of efforts into encouraging adding a layer of classification onto the data presented on web pages and in case the information is labelled in an accepted way, it will be presented already in the snippet in SERPs. Check out the following SERP:Rich snippets in office chair reviews SERP
    The showing of review grade stars in the snippet itself, makes this listing more attractive than the neighbors and it probably increases the CTR far beyond the few percent that the position #6 would get it, according to CTR studies. Similar situation can be observed with other microformatted data, such as event dates, recipes, airplane tickets, etc. Rich snippets will become even more widespread if and when Google starts accepting websites that implement the tagging.
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  • Optimized Titles – adding a call to action to the Title or making it stand out in some other way, can increase the CTR percentages of a listing, beyond what you would usually get due to your ranking. This strategy, however, became less influential since Google started deciding what the best Title of your site should be, according to, among other things, anchor text of incoming links. As these changes will be implemented within Google’s discretion, it becomes very hard to predict how many people will click through to your site.

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February 24, 2011 – 6:35 pm

  • Investigating distribution of onsite links – When large websites want to promote a certain section of their site, one of the ways to do this is to increase the number of links to that page/section from other pages on the site. If the promoted page is found deep within the navigational structure, this will bring it closer to the root and increase the linkjuice flow to it. An overview of internal category/product pages that have a larger than usual number of on-site links pointing to them can help us identify competitor’s SEO campaign targets. Furthermore, if we cross examine these promoted pages with the number of offsite links to internal pages, we can gain some nice insights about promoted products, targeted keywords, linking strategies and other aspects of SEO campaigns.

  • Identification of images without alts – this is especially true about images that serve as links. In addition to the capability of filtering images without ALTs, there are other options, as in filtering images that are larger than 100kbs or filtering images that have a long ALT tag.
  • SEO Spider - image alt tags

  • Searching link prospects for broken links you can replace – as a part of link building process, you can go to a linking prospect site, run the spider on it and get a list of all outgoing links that result in 404. Go to the linking pages, find out what was the linking purpose and the context of the broken link. Then you can either create a similar resource on one of your sites or tweak your existing content to fit the linking intention and contact the linking prospect, alerting them about the broken link and pointing out similar helpful info on your site.
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  • Identifying “bait and switch” links on your site – there is a possibility of webmasters creating useful content that you want to link out to. After a while, some of those websites may be taken over by other companies that want to leverage the existing links and authority and redirect them to their own resources. Thus, unwillingly, you may find your site linking to content that you did not intend to link to. In the mild case, your visitors will click through and will not find the useful content you intended them to. In worse cases your site may be flagged as linking to adult and maybe even illegal content. Hence you can get a list of all the external links that result in a redirect and check them out. A lot of the cases those will be simple canonicalization issues that webmaster took care of (adding the trailing slash, pointing to the www version of the site, reflecting a change in directory structure, etc.)
  • Discover noindex/nofollow metas – A great way to get an overview and identify screw-ups left behind by your developers. Leaving noindex metas sounds like a beginner mistake, but you would be surprised how many experienced SEOs stumble here, either due to their own oversight or due to forgetful developers
  • List all the canonicals – canonical tags are a great way to get rid of duplicate content issues on site (and across sites) but it can be used for other, more sinister purposes too (that’s for another post). Conveniently, SEO Spider will spit out all the canonicals across the site
  • Search inside the HTML source of pages – this is one of the recent additions to SEO Spider. It can be very useful if you want to find all the pages linking to a target page with a specific anchor text or look for tracking code within pages.  Up to 5 custom searches can be defined in the Configuration section.
  • SEO Spider - HTML source search



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Have a nice day.

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List of 5 not-so known analytics tools that (seem to) have been created with SEO on mind

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    Examination of breadcrumbs from the designer and user experience point of view

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    November 12, 2009 – 10:21 am

    1. My Twitter profile is a part of online identity – was it hard to ask people for a twitter username at the registration stage and print it out on the name tags? I do not talk to Ben Cook on Twitter, I talk to @skitzzo and the connection between the two should be made immediate through the name tag. Giving the ability to upload the avatar image and print that too would be ubercool.
    2. More session specific hashtags . The moderators were doing this out of their own initiative, but it would have been really helpful to have a specific hash tag for each session and to be able to follow the sessions like that. Tomorrow if I find a tweet saying that @sugarrae gave an awesome tip about redirecting affiliate links, it would be really helpful to know what session it was on, what the context was and maybe to find the presentation as well. This way I have to sift and search since there is no way of me knowing when it happened, was it an answer to a question from the crowd or part of the presentation, etc.
    3. Make sure all the panelists have their twitter username on each and every slide of their presentations. When I sit on the panel where Lyndsay Walker is rocking an awesome presentation on website architecture and SEO, how can I share that with my tweeps from England that are eagerly following every piece of info on Pubcon? What I needed to do is start searching on Google for the twitter username to be able to give proper credit. With the WiFi speed surging to as fast as 1Kb/s at certain points during the conference, I had to miss a whole lot of slides to be able to tweet about one. One exception that I’ve seen was Jill Sampey (who is awesome, regardless of the presentation) who had her username on each and every one of the slides. The majority of the presentations are using the default Pubcon background, it shouldn’t have been too hard to insert a space for a twitter handle of the speaker.

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  • All you needed to know about geotags.

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    A good reminder of how relationships can be used to build links


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    So here is the list for the last week:


    A nice checklist of all the ways to improve an internal linking structure of your site

    This is an interesting observation: link authority and anchor relevancy outweigh

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    1. Following SEOs and engaging them in conversation on Twitter is an invaluable tool. Really. Cannot-put-a-price-on-it kind of tool.
    2. While not everyone on that list is an SEO, I went over it and I have already been following 90% of the people there, meaning that they were already providing real SEO value to the conversation.
    3. I am on that list :)

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    July 12, 2009 – 11:17 am

    Here are the links to the sources of data for all five studies according to the years:

    Year of Publication Type of Data URL
    2004 Eye Tracking
    2005 Eye Tracking
    2006 AOL Data
    2008 Eye Tracking

    And here is the graph presenting the results of these studies (click to enlarge):

    I have added the CTR for each location for the 2008 data

    Some Conclusions:

    SEO Strategy

    Universal Search

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    June 21, 2009 – 12:32 am

    1. Connect your Blackberry Bold through the USB and start the Desktop Manager app (came with your phone). Without the Desktop Manager running, you will not be able to connect to the internet.
    2. Go to Control Panel -> Phone and Modem Options -> "Modems" tab.

    3. Blackberry Bold Modem Setup 1

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    8. Under the Extra Settings in the Advanced Tab, enter the following line:


      Make sure that there are no spaces before and after. Click on OK to close the window

      Blackberry Modem Setup 3

    9. Next step you are going to be asked for a dialup phone number. Enter the following number:


      No username or password are needed.

    10. Blackberry Bold Modem Setup 3